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Lakes and volcanoes in Middle Chile

Lakes and volcanoes in Middle Chile A fantastic roundtrip from Santiago over Farellones, Thermas de Flaco and Villarica to Puerto Varas with its famous Volkanos Osorno and Calbuco.
Chile is famous for being named the country of "mad geography". Not without reason, here is really everything existing. Volcanic mountain deserts with rich coloration of the rocks, many colored lagoons and massive volcano mountains with nearly 7000 meters of height.

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Northern Chile with Atacama dessert and the Ojos de Salado Volcano

Travel to the highlights of northern Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, Tatio Geysers, Valle de Luna, Lascar Volcano, Tocor, Ojos de Salado, Cerro Vicuña! Chile is generally known as the country of contradictions. Especially the mountain regions couldn’t be more differently! The green, rainy Patagonia in the south with its random rock formations really has nothing in common with the dry desert regions in the north with its unique volcanoes, where rain is almost unknown. Exactly this Atacama region, we want to visit with you during our tour.

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