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The Condoriri journey takes us to the heart of the Cordillera Real, Bolivia's most prominent mountain range and one of the Ande's loftiest and most impressive ranges. The Cordillera Real is over 200 km. long, with more than 600 peaks over 5,000m (16,400ft). Our lama caravan trekking journey, begins in beautiful, Estancia Tuni. Perched in a valley beneath towering mountain peaks, this is the perfect place for us to begin our trek and further acclimatize. Our trekking route circumnavigates the Condoriri massif with amazing mountain views and stunning camps every day. Our high point on this trek is 5,300m (17,384ft).

The Choro Trek offers a striking contrast of geography, climate and temperature. The trail begins at a cold and barren high pass at an elevation of 4,660m/15,290-ft., transitions abruptly to a spectacular descent, and ends up moving through dense tropical vegetation at an elevation of 1,300m/4,264-ft. Hikers will appreciate the various sections of Pre-Columbian paving they encounter as they rapidly descend from the Cordillera Real. Also we will visit the most famous historical ruins of Bolivia, Tiwanaku, the famous lake Tititcaca with the mystic Isla de Sol and the city of Copacabana. From La Paz we going up to the highest skiing area in the world, the Chacaltaya Mountain (5395m).


  • A beautiful hike visiting the Condoriri National Park.
  • Hike to Pico Austria 5,300m (17,384 ft).
  • Two passes over 5,000 m (16,400 ft).
  • Superb mountain views from several high passes
  • Beautiful view over Huayna Potosi´s south face.
  • A spectacular descent of over 3,000 m (9,840 ft), from mountain ranges to the dense subtropical vegetation.
  • Pre - Hispanic paving and a spectacular but savage descent.
  • Incredible variety of landforms and vegetation across the various altitude zones.
  • Tiwanaku
  • Chacaltaya
  • Isla de Sol


Dates and prices

  • Travel time: 17 days
  • Price: 1345 Euro
  • Dates: 1st to 17th of september


Our services

  • Transfer from the airport
  • Journeys through the country with busses and taxis
  • Accommodation in simple hotels or tents
  • Mountain tours inclusive organization, tour guide and leased equipment
  • Entrance fee national park
  • Travel guide on location
  • Guided mountain tours
  • Food during the guided tours
  • Mountain guide for the high mountains


Not included services

  • Accident and health insurance
  • Tourist floater and travel cancellation insurance
  • Not advertised meals and drinks
  • Tips
  • Cost for personal requirements


Number of participants

  • Minimum: 2
  • High: 10


Tour overview

Day 1: Arrivel in La Paz

Our guide will take you from the Airport, who no needs a rest can look around a bit in the city.

Day 2: Tiwanaku

The Tiwanaku empire ruled around about 1000 AD and, it is believed, was the foundation of the Inca civilisation which followed it. This tour through some of the more impressive fortifications and religious sites from that age gives a fascinating insight into pre-hispanic Andean cultures and traditions. We Depart from La Paz in private vehicle and drive across the altiplano (enjoying unspoilt views of the cordillera real mountain range, including the peaks of Huayna Potosi and Illampu) to the religious site of Tiwanaku. Here we have a guidet tour, before lunch and returning to La Paz.

Day 3: Copacabana

Today we take a tourist bus from La Paz to Copacabana, crossing the phantastic scenery of the Real Mountain Range. In Copacabana itself we will have a bit time, for example for a trout on the lakeside. Than we take a boot to the sun island, where we spend the night. But before this we have to hike up the island ridge, about 200 meters difference. Our hotel lies about 4000 meters high, in the evening we can climb a high point for the sundown.

Day 4: Isla de Sol

Today we crossing nearly the complete island with grandious views over the lake, to the near by Illampu and Ancohuma. There are several high points to cross, nice little villages, Eucalyptus Forests and beautiful stone formes. Also we will see small ruin complexes and stony walls. We return to the harbor at the Inca stairs and take a boot back to Copacabana where we spend the night.

Day 5: Cerro Ceroka

Its time to get a bit higher up, so we hiking for a pretty nice mountain over the lakeside. Our destino is called Cerro Ceroka and about 4300m high. We crossing green fields with varies animals and fruits. There are a few little houses and stony walls. Our hike goes step to the top where we find antennas and a starting place for Paragliders. We go down on the other side on a small street with still interesting views. Back in Copacabana we take the next disponibel bus back to La Paz.

Day 6: Tuni

We depart from La Paz again. In the morning bound for trailhead at the Estancia Tuni 4,500m (14,760ft), where we meet our team of ¨arrieros¨ (muleteers) and we will begin the trek to discover the south west side of the Cordillera Real. The drive in takes us across the broad and expansive high altiplano, passing the original sight of the city of LaPaz. Three hours hike to Laguna Chiar Khota 4,650m (15,252ft). In the afternoon we hike to Pico Austria 5,300m (17,384ft).

Day 7: Maria lloco

After a hardy breakfast, we slowly work our way up toward our next pass at 5,000m (16,400ft) where you will see the Huyna Potosi and the Condoriri group mountains, and after crossing a number of silt laden streams arrive at Maria Lloco. We make camp right in front of the impressive Huayna Potosi´s west face; great photographic opportunities.

Day 8: Zongo

We begin our trek moving up and out of Maria Lloco valley on a steep trail for the last pass at 5,100m (16,728ft) next to the Huayna Potosi mountain 6,088m (19,968ft). In the afternoon arrive to Laguna Milluni. We continue to the casa blanca near by the street. Along the way you will see wild llamas and alpacas, last breathtaking view of Huayna Potosi.

Day 9: Lakes

From the Pass there ist a nice hike over a 4900m high pass to the Cumbre Coroico. We crossing white icefields, step Rock walls and various Mountains. Cerro Manqulizani and Charkini are the biggest ones, with a lot of Ice. In the last part we walk directly below the still gigantic icewall of Cerro Manquilizani, later we arrive at a small lake where you sometimes can see the impressive Mountain Rages like in a Mirror. After hiking up a 100 Meters more we build our camp at the next lake.

Day 10: Apacheta Chukura

Weather conditions at this barren trailhead are quite variable and so don't be surprised if we begin our trek in a snowstorm. We soon reach the high mountain pass of Apacheta Chucura and begin our descent into the temperate Yungas Valley. We follow a well-built Pre-Columbian road as we dramatically descend down along the Rio Phajchiri. We make camp at Challapampa (elevation 2,987m/9,800-ft.) after losing more than mile's worth of elevation since trailhead. Clients typically sleep well, even at this altitude!

Day 11: Cerro Pabellonani

After serving a hardy breakfast to our hungry clients, we move on enjoying the change in gradient that has noticeably slackened. Today is a transitional day, as we begin to see a change in the trailside vegetation which is now sub-tropical. After a couple of river crossings we find ourselves near the base of Cerro Pabellonani where we make camp (elevation 2,286m/7,500-ft.).

Day 12: Chairo

After a leisurely breakfast, we begin working our way down the trail toward the village of Chairo (elevation 1,300m/4,264-ft.). Although we continue to have the benefit of the Pre-Columbian road, the change from trailhead in geography, climate and temperature is dramatic. The temperature at this lower altitude can be quite hot, and so, we offer the option of transferring to a vehicle to finish our trek. After arriving in Coroico, we can enjoy the evening at a local hotel.

Day 13: Cerro Uchumachi

Directly from our hotel we start the next hike to Cerro Uchumachi, 2400 m. First we have to climb a wide ridge, later we crossing the typical dense mountain forests with an enormous diversity. On the top we have a phantastic view over the forest covered mountains and Coroico town. Also we can see great parts of the Cordilliera Real from the other side. After the descend we take a public bus, back to La Paz.

Day 14: Rest Day in La Paz


Day 15: Flight Back Home

Unfortunately, the tour comes to an end today. The only remaining point on the program is the return flight to La Paz. So we fly again over the grand Andes mountain chain, directly past Huyna Potosi and Condoriri. This is the best time to think of new plans to climb mountains.

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